Sunday School

Sunday School has ended for the year! We look forward to starting again in September!

Kid & Youth Classes:
Ages 0-2: Toddler Room (Upper Level)
Ages 3-4: Toddler Room (Upper Level)
K-Grade 1: Toddler Room (Upper Level)
Grade 2-3: Room 102 (Lower Level)
Grade 4-6: Room 101 (Lower Level)
Grade 7-8: Room 309 (Upper Level)
Grade 9-12: Prayer Room (Main Level)

Adult Classes:

"Catechism & Doctrines of the Bible"
Location: Red Room (Lower Level)
Teacher: Marc
In this class we use the Westminster Shorter Catechism as our guide. It was developed in the 1650's and used to teach the fundamentals of our Christian faith. This class is based upon a question and answer format where we go in depth with each question and support the answer through the process of examining scripture as well asking further questions. This class fosters great discussion and is a great class no matter where you are in your faith journey!
"Judges & Kings: Who's in Charge?"
Location: Library (Main Floor)
Teacher: James Buchkowsky
In this class, we explore stories about the Judges and King of Israel. Our focus is on the ongoing spiritual battle behind the events in the Bible and the lessons it provides for us today.
"A Time of Prayer"
Location: Pastoral Office (Main Level)
Teacher: Sharon and Carol
This course is exactly what the title says! In this course we take time to intentionally pray for our each other, our church, our community, and our world!
Men's Discipleship
Location: Kidzone Room (Lower Level)
Teacher: Pastor Mark Bergen, Dr. Rob Ardell, Dr. Matt Parsons
This class focuses on a variety of topics that engages men in relevant questions to their life and faith journey. Throughout the class there is space for great discussion as we walk through thought provoking, challenging, and encouraging content. 
"Being Wise in Confusing Time - a Study of Proverbs"
Location: Youth Room (Upper Level)
Teacher: Denise
All women are welcome to join us as we study the book of Proverbs and learn how we can apply it to our lives.