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To serve in most volunteer positions we ask that a Ministry Application Form is filled out. For those under age 16 applying please fill out our Youth form. Once completed all forms can be submitted to the office by email or printed copy. If you would like a printed copy to fill out contact the office.

Have you already volunteered at PAAC in the past? That's great, just let the office know what ministry you would like to serve in and you can skip the application form.
Children's Ministry
POSITION: BLAST, KidZone, or Toddler Worker
DAY/TIME: Sunday Morning
COMMITMENT: We need a total of 33 dedicated (adult) volunteers who would like to serve in BLAST, KidZone, or the Toddler Room. Teams will serve on a four week rotation.
CONTACT: Pastor Kim 

POSITION: Sunday Greeters/Ushers
DAY/TIME: Sunday Morning
COMMITMENT: We are looking for those who are willing to greet people and give out masks, hand sanitizer, and/or show people to their seats. Teams will serve on a 4-week rotation.
CONTACT: Pastor Daphne or Pastor Kim 

POSITION: Librarian
DAY/TIME: Anytime or Sunday after church
COMMITMENT: The Church Library has had a HUGE makeover! We are looking for individuals who are excited to see the library ministry grow. There have been hundreds of new books donated looking for a place on our library shelves! Librarians would be able to come in on their schedule and help with entering new books, reshelving returned items, and helping others find a good read (if you come in on a Sunday after the service.
CONTACT: Trisha Poetker

Prayer team
POSITION: Prayer Team
DAY/TIME: Thursday Evening/Sunday Morning
COMMITMENT: We are looking for 3 individuals that have a heart for prayer to join the prayer team. Teams will serve on a 4-week rotation. Consider joining the team and praying for the Thursday evening worship practice, Sunday service, the congregation, and building.
CONTACT: Pastor Daphne

Sermon Audio Editor
POSITION: Sermon Audio Editor
DAY/TIME: Random (between Sunday and Tuesday) - Every Other Week
COMMITMENT: If you enjoy the sermons at PAAC consider editing the sermon audio to post online. Relistening and taking a closer look gives you a
new perspective , and you may even pick up on something new. Editing is fairly easy to pick up and can  be done in one sitting or a few if you can’t finish it, making it a great volunteer opportunity for someone who is a always on the go.
Editing can be done on a standard home computer and does not require a lot of previous computer knowledge.
CONTACT: Trisha Poetker

Stage Decorator
POSITION: Stage Decorator
DAY/TIME: Random
COMMITMENT: We are looking for someone with an eye for decorating. Along with a team, you would be responsible for  setting the stage for different occasions and events.
CONTACT: Pastor Daphne or Pastor Kim

Sunday Techs
POSITION: Video & Audio Tech / Camera Operator
DAY/TIME: Thursday Evening/Sunday Morning
COMMITMENT: We are in need of video and audio techs as well as camera operators to join the worship ministry team for the 2020-2021 year. Experience is a bonus but not a requirement. We are looking for willing and dedicated individuals (12+) who can commit to Thursday evening practice and the Sunday practice service. Teams will be on a 4-week rotation.
CONTACT: Pastor Daphne or Pastor Kim

Youth Leader
POSITION: Youth Leader
DAY/TIME: Wednesday evenings
COMMITMENT: The Ignite Youth group is looking for volunteers for the Wednesday evening small group. You will help with leading small group discussion, connecting one-on-one with the students, and running our Quizzing program.
CONTACT: Pastor Daphne


(Need subject to ministries running in-person due to Covid19)

  • AWANA (PreK-Grade 6)
  • Children's Church Ministries (Baby-Grade 6)
  • Sunday School (Toddler-Adult)
  • Young Adults Bible Study

Questions about volunteering?

We love to clarify volunteering requirements. Please reach out if you still have questions.